Thursday, September 17, 2020

Back to school

     Hello my name is Ashley Gabriela Alvarez. I will be talking about school. Now I’m in a new school for about 3 years now and i made a lot of some new friends. Some of them are nice and some of them or kinda mean.  Some of my teachers are nice and some of them can be stick. But there are a lot of cool things.My school is huge and has a lot of space. We also do a lot of activities like, Pajama Day or crazy hair day stuff like that. I’m in band. It pretty fun. For Christmas, they like to do secret Santa it so fun then we have some treats like a small party.

Having my twin brother Gabriel in same class its feel good. So that when we have home work We can do it together and help each other, and if we weren’t in the same class we need help from our parents. Now in virtual we still need help. We don’t have to do different things at the same time  so, if we were in the same class it would be easier so we can work things together with our work and finish at the same time so it wont be hard for our parents if they are helping us. In school some girls get bullied because the bullies think that they can do whatever they want but what I think that that’s not how they act when there parents are round or any of there family members. What we gotta do is be nice and be helpful because then who Evers get bully  will make themself feels like a looser. So what I think we can be nice and be happy and have good manners. To all the girls out there , if you or someone it’s being bully break with silence and tell God and then tell your parents. Little girls all around the world break the silence and raise your voice because you are not alone. We all have been bullied and it really hurts. So let’s remember we are all created In the image Of God.

Ashley Gabriela Alvarez  🦋


  1. I love your post Ashley “We are all created on Gods image “

  2. I love your post Ashley “We are all created on Gods image “


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