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God bless you all and welcome to:

“Butterfly by Grace” "Mommy & Daughter blog". We are blessed and thankful that you have taken the time to stop by. This blog was established in September 2020 from the consequences of the pandemic. As a result,  In the middle of the mist my spirit led me to do something unique with the purpose of establishing a “Mommy & daughter ”blog. 

My life as a Pastor, wife to a firefighter, Emergency Department Registered Nurse and mother of 4 children that God Gifted me with; Wesley Jim, Kesley Jim and twins boy & girl Gabriel Rafael and  Ashley Gabriela. While this blog is written as an encouragement to all Oriented families, who want to strive to give the best to their children and still be able to work without jeopardizing their first ministry (Family).

 The main goal of this blog “Butterfly by Grace” "Mommy & Daughter”  blog is to cultivate a lasting loving bond between mothers and daughters. I would like to welcome you to take the time to re-read our post, testimonies and stories. We pray that this blog encourages and motivates mothers and daughters of all races and nations. 

As the leading lifestyle site dedicated to faith and inspiration, ”Butterfly by Grace” “Mommy & Daughter”  blog helps people find and walk a spiritual path that instills comfort, hope, strength and happiness. It is through this discovery that our readers are empowered to live a life of destiny. I believe in transformation and I believe that we can all be restored. Butterflies have a very special meaning to me because I was a caterpillar who was transformed into a beautiful butterfly with the help of God. 

Thank you for Fluttering by. 

~Pastor Madeline Alvarez, RN 🦋

God bless you all and welcome to “Butterfly by Grace” Mommy & Daughter blog. My name is Ashley Gabriela Alvarez. Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  I have three siblings. One of them is my twin his name is Gabriel Rafael. My oldest brother is Wesley Jim who is a police officer. My second brother is Kelsey Jim. I am the only girl, so at times that can be a challenge. I am mommy little princess and daddy’s little girl. I have amazing parents. They achieve their goals. My mom's name is Madeline Alvarez and she is an ER nurse and a pastor. My father's name is Rafael Alvarez and he is a firefighter and pastor. 

I like to dance at church, exercise, cook, bake and love art and writing. Since I was a little girl I suffered attacks from the enemy. Therefore, I had to learn at an early age to pray. I use to wake up screaming when I was about 3 years old and my daddy had to come into my room and stay up with me praying. Since, early in life I had many visions and dreams that I still don’t understand because I am too young. I had many dreams that now I see happening all around the world. I really can't explain it but, I dream so much that I had to start writing. My family likes to meet and pray together. Specially, when they feel something is not right they meet as a family, pray to fix the problems. No, we are not perfect. We are just a family that learned the importance of family.  I join JSD school of dance over two years so that I may worship God the best way possible I can. I like to sing. At the age of  7 me and my twin brother started preaching the gospel and we were mommy and daddy’s  little helpers at church because they were starting to lift up a church, but they didn’t have any ushers. We had a lot of fun together. We were our parents' little ushers. We used to bring water, pray, and help to open service. Me and my brother were baptized in the Dominican Republic river, where I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. 

At times I open in prayer and worship. We even got tired at times and started to run, play around and even fall asleep under the chairs. But, of course that was getting in trouble with our parents. I traveled with my  parents to the Dominican Republic on their missionary trips where I had the opportunity to see much more. Last year, my mother was invited to a youth service and me and mommy were the guest speakers. I shared many things with little girls of my age who were being bullied. Many girls were depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Little girls go through so much as well.  My brother thinks that I am bossing because I like to tell my twin how to do things. My oldest brothers think I have a little attitude because I am mature and responsible for my age. But, I am still learning and growing. It is fun to be the only daughter but that can be a challenge too. Me and mommy love pizza, pink, butterflies, makeup, and shoes. I love ice cream. I also joined as a worshiper dancer  who had helped me grow in the worship dance. Please stay tuned for much more fun to come in this blog. I thank you all for taking the time to stop and read our blog. We are blessed that you took the time. Follow us for more fun & testimonies. I am only 11 years old and I am still learning. I pray that the Mommy & Daughter blog can be an encouragement to all mommy and daughter nevertheless family oriented. Thank you for fluttering by.

~Ashley Gabriela Alvarez 🦋

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