Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Don't sit there watching the clouds!


Ecclesiastes 11:4⛅

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

Most of us put unpleasant things off. Do you? Those things that we dislike we put them off. If I have a task to do that I know it is not pleasant; for example my dentist appointments  I dislike, but are necessary important appointments. On the other hand we have those who like to procrastinate doing things that are really important and should not wait. For example studying when you know that you have a test. Procrastinating just makes me inpatient. I like to take care of things that I consider are important to me. When I was going to college I always submitted my papers on time. I didn't want to wait if I knew that I had an upcoming exam. I really needed extra time to study. It's easy to avoid conflict. It's easy to put an uncomfortable task off. Today in this blog we are talking about your dreams and goals. Those that you put off waiting for the perfect time. Remember that God is with you and that the enemy has been trying to stop you or discourage you. I want you to stop and think for a moment about what has stopped you from becoming successful and accomplishing your dreams. When you are facing oppression there must be something that the enemy doesn't want you to have.  But, if you know that God has promised to be with you everyday of your life, Why are you waiting? Why are you still there? Just believe, and Do it. Today just take the next step and do what God says. He will give you the victory if you don’t give up too soon. Stop putting it off. Stop making excuses. If others can be successful, If others are living their dreams; so can you. When you have faith; nothing is impossible.  Do you like to plant? Do you like flowers? Do you like to water your garden? Are you like my husband who always likes to water his plants and not only he water his plants but he also likes to talk to his plants and bring life to them by just saying positive things.  Every year, at the beginning of the growing season, farmers go out and work the fields. They wait for the rain to see their seeds. If the rain doesn't come, the plants die. To plant you must be dedicated and work hard. The farmers don't abandon hope, but instead they plant and plant again until the cops grow and overflow. The wind and clouds are the things that the enemy wants to take our focus away. Today, God wants your trust. We can't put things off until the conditions are just right. Take a step of faith and know that God is with you.  God will gives you the resources and strategies to be successful. Don't just wait until you have more time. Solomon teaches us in the book of Ecclesiastes to have faith and take the first step, even when you can't see how everything will work out in the end. Just believe that Jesus has overcome, you can do this if you believe. Don't procrastinate, be watchful of the enemy who really enjoys seeing you do nothing about it. Today, take a step of faith and fight against all odds.  Don't sit there watching the clouds. Let's pray.

Father God thank you for giving me the strategies to start over. I know that you have overcome anything that may try to interrupt my plans. I ask you Jesus for your favor and grace throughout this Journey. I will not procrastinate and wait. I will rise up in faith and move forward with your help. In the name of Jesus. Amen…


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